(Received: 01/26/2014, Posted: 01/27/2014)


ISRA Alert - Illinois Concealed Carry Information


Recently I have received calls and emails from members regarding the progress on concealed carry by the Illinois State Police (ISP). Instructors who were the first to apply for their Concealed Carry Licenses (CCL) visited the ISP website to check on their status found the their status had gone from approved to "Pending Review". The question was what does that mean?

As the ISP puts it, they are doing some housekeeping. What that means is they are testing their systems. For example:

  1. The LEADS system needs to be tested so if you are stopped by a police officer and he or she calls in, you are correctly identified as carrying legally.

  2. The ISP is testing their printer and software which prints the CCL cards to be sure it is working properly.

  3. The ISP has many new employees doing background checks and other tasks and they are being reviewed to be sure they are doing everything correctly.

  4. The Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board (ILETSB) has produced a video which being circulated to police departments on how to interact with CCL holders. They are making sure there is enough time for every Police department to see.

The ISP is dealing with many new details and systems. They do not want to make any mistakes and we need to credit them for their efforts. As CCL holders, we certainly need to realize that it is in everyone's best interest to be sure these new systems are working properly. The last thing anyone wants is a CCL holder getting arrested because of some glitch somewhere.

The ISP has 90 days to issue the first licenses. The will be at the end of the first week in March. I'm sure the ISP will be on time. This is all we know at this time.

Richard A, Pearson
Executive Director
Illinois State Rifle Association