(Received: 11/14/2014, Posted: 11/24/2014)


ISRA Message from Executive Director Richard Pearson

When the guns fell silent on November 11, 1918, 96 years ago today, the world was forever changed. The United States had gone from being thought of as a weak second rate power to one of respect that had to be reckoned with. The first World War (WWI) never really ended. WWI was the prelude to World War Two (WWII). Once again the United States was thrust into war, and came out victorious.

What distinguished the American soldier from all others was his dedication, ingenuity, and marksmanship.

In recent years the efforts to degrade the United States Military have caused our soldiers to do more, with less. Unrealistic rules of engagement have made it harder for those to be victorious and in some cases, even survive. Yet our soldiers fought on and when they returned as veterans they rebuilt their lives and contributed to their communities and the nation. The only thing I can say to all those who have served and are still serving now, is we are very proud of you - and thank you!