(Received: 04/07/2015, Posted: 04/07/2015)


ISRA Urgent Alert - Your Assistance is Needed!
Your Gun Rights In Danger

We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the end of the legislative session is near. The bad news is that this is the most dangerous time of the session for gun owners.

This is the time of year when political power brokers begin calling in favors. This is the time of year when late night back room deals are cut. This is the time of year when people like Rahm Emanuel begin twisting arms and wealthy gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg begin throwing money around to buy anti-gun votes.

Sadly, many of the legislators who were our "friends" during the election season are not so "friendly" now that they are under pressure from the powerful people who hate guns and the citizens that own them.

Throughout the year, the ISRA has been fighting tirelessly in Springfield to protect your right to keep and bear arms. So far, we've been very successful. However, dozens of antigun bills remain in play in the legislature. Any one of those bills could spring to life and be signed into law.

Yes, licensing, registration, gun taxes and ammunition bans all remain dangerous possibilities if these politicians are not watched very carefully.

The ISRA really needs your help to make it to the end of the legislative session. Fighting the hard fight has seriously depleted our financial resources. These are very desperate times and your generosity is desperately needed.

Please donate today to the ISRA legislative fund. Your assistance is greatly appreciated by ALL of Illinois' gun owners.

Remember - you're never more than a dollar away from having your guns banned and confiscated.