(Received: 04/21/2015, Posted: 04/28/2015)


ISRA Urgent Alert - Your Assistance is Needed!
Oppose the Ivory Ban

Illinois Senate Bill 1858 will be heard this week in the Senate Environment and Conservation Committee. Don't worry if you do not see a scheduled committee because we are on a one hour notice for the rest of session. This bill would ban items collected by not only hunters and sportsmen, but many others. SB1858 would ban articles such as jewelry, musical instruments, decorative carvings and other items that are inlaid with ivory. While you could pass family heirlooms to "legal beneficiaries" you could not sell your personal property. There are severe penalties and fines for persons found guilty of selling ivory, ivory products, rhinoceros horns and similar items. Furthermore, this bill authorizes the IDNR to confiscate these items and destroy them at their discretion.

Call your Illinois Senator today and tell them you oppose SB1858. To find your Senator's contact information go to www.ilga.gov.