(Received: 05/30/2015, Posted: 05/30/2015)



After months of working with the Illinois General Assembly on improvements to the Firearms Concealed Carry Act and the FOID Act, SB 836 is ready to be voted on.

SB 836 contains the following changes:

Firearms Concealed Carry Act:

  1. Limits the waiver of privacy rights regarding the concealed carry application to only those records pertinent to obtaining a concealed carry license.

  2. Clarifies that if a concealed carry licensee presents their ICCL during a law enforcement investigative stop that it is presumed they are carrying a firearm.

  3. Clarifies the definition of a "mental disability" as it pertains to persons seeking a concealed carry license.

  4. Eliminates the requirement that a licensee unload his or her firearm when storing or retrieving a firearm from the trunk of their vehicle.

  5. Provides that Emergency Service personnel may ask anyone lawfully carrying a firearm to secure the firearm for the duration of the contact.

  6. Changes mental health reporting requirements.


  1. Allows the use of a concealed carry license when purchasing firearms or ammunition.

  2. Allows concealed carry licensees to possess firearms and ammunition without being in physica possession of their FOID card.

  3. Changes the FOID Act to ensure that non-resident competitors may purchase firearms and ammunition at events held at the World Shooting Complex.

Please contact your State Representative and State Senator today and ask them to support SB 836.

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