(Received: 07/06/2015, Posted: 07/06/2015)


INFORMATIONAL ALERT - Brady Campaign vs. Chuck's Gun Shop

Deconstructing the Brady Campaign's "Bad Apple" drama

For a several years the ISRA has been urging its members to support Chuck's Gun Shop in Riverdale against accusations by Jesse Jackson Sr, Fr. Michael Pfleger, ICHV and the Brady Campaign.

Each time Chuck's is supported, a few members will write to the ISRA and question the strategy of defending this shop, they keep hearing about it, so doesn't that mean there must be something wrong?

Let's explore the Brady Campaign and their accusations against Chuck's.

  1. The Brady Campaign has an ultimate mission to ban private ownership of firearms.

    Their stated purpose and their names have changed several times over the years, but gun banners have one long term goal, and that's banning your firearms and seeing them confiscated and destroyed. Americans now know that they really do have a right to keep and bear arms, so Brady no longer outwardly talks about their complete ban. No matter what the new catchphrase is, whether it's "Gun Violence Prevention" or "Gun Safety Advocacy", Brady has a smoke screen of lies to hide their real agenda. This year, the latest theme they have cooked up is "Bad Apple Dealers."

  2. The Brady Campaign says they have a new "Code of Conduct" for firearms retailers to sign and comply with its terms as part of its latest program.

    It's not a set of best practices in firearms retail sales, it's a blueprint for harassing lawful retailers and obstructing their operations. If dealers try to adopt the practices in this "Code of Conduct," they would go out of business, exactly what Brady wants!

  3. If they can force Chuck's to close, they will have a strategy to use on some other popular gun shop.

    Rather than a "Bad Apple", the Brady Campaign sees low-hanging fruit, and a starting point. From there more gun dealers would be targeted, in an ever widening net. All successful gun shops would eventually be targeted.

  4. The Brady Campaign has statistics they use that talk about "crime guns" linked to Chuck's and other suburban retailers.

    1. What's the "crime gun" the Brady's talk about? It is a firearm recovered at a crime scene or during a criminal investigation. It might not have been used to threaten, injure or kill anyone. It might have been illegally possessed or might be stolen property. If it was linked to an Illinois firearm retailer, including Chuck's, the original purchaser possessed an Illinois Firearm Owner's ID, and passed a recent background check.

    2. The guns recovered in Chicago all come from outside of Chicago. There are no firearms retailers in Chicago, not for decades.

    3. Brady likes to say that "20% of the crime guns recovered in Chicago between 2009 and 2013 were originally sold by just four local gun dealers." As there is no place in Chicago to buy firearms, Chicago residents tend to shop at the few nearby suburban dealers.

    4. Brady also says that "more than 85% of gun dealers sell no guns used in crime." These are the small dealers vilified by the Brady Campaign in past decades as "kitchen table" gun dealers and once used by Brady in a ploy for phony outrage that the USA had more gun dealers than gas stations. Now Brady holds these same dealers in high regard, precisely because they don't sell very many firearms, and are not thriving businesses.

  5. Brady says "Chuck's was Brady's first stop on a national campaign to Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers because of its egregious record of supplying guns used in violent crime."

    Chuck's is located near some of the worst neighborhoods in the USA, home to good people that live with the threat of constant gang violence, people that have a protected right to be able to own firearms and defend themselves. Chuck's has never been found in substantial non-compliance by the ATF, FBI or Illinois State Police. Firearms retailers have no crystal ball or other way to determine the future disposition of firearms legally transferred today.

    If you had any doubt before, please join us tomorrow June 6 at Chucks Gun Shop, 14310 S Indiana Ave, Riverdale, IL Arrive early, 9:30 am is recommended.