(Received: 11/25/2015, Posted: 11/25/2015)


ISRA Offers Holiday Shopping Advice


This Friday officially kicks off the winter holiday shopping season. There's no better way to let that special someone know you're thinking about them than with a gift of a fine firearm or shooting sports accessories. A case of ammo under the tree certainly beats out a box of socks, a fruit cake or a gift card to some leftie coffee joint.

There were a lot of great new guns and accessories on display at the S.H.O.T. show this year. By now, many of those guns and accessories have made it to retailers' shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season.

If that certain someone has been hinting about wanting a new rifle, AR-15 style rifles remain very popular with plenty in the racks at your local gun shop. Thanks to the AR-15's modular design, there is a wealth of aftermarket parts that make great stocking-stuffers for the shooter who wants to upgrade an AR-15 that they already have.

A fine handgun always makes a great gift. Concealed carry pistols predominate manufacturers' new offerings this year with feature-packed self-defense guns really coming of age. Advancements in pistol design and ammunition technology have resulted in self-defense tools that are smaller, lighter and more powerful than their predecessors.

Of course, there's no such thing as the "...shooter who has everything." With that in mind, our gift advice to you is that the shooter in your life can never have enough cleaning solvent, patches, or cleaning brushes. A fancy new range bag is always nice as are some extra magazines or a replacement for a well-worn rifle sling. We cannot think of a shooter we know who would not appreciate a good set of screwdrivers, pin punches or Allen Wrenches. One thing that is sure to make you a hit with the special shooter you know is a gift membership to the ISRA range!

As you head out to do holiday shopping this coming Black Friday, be sure to patronize local, independent gun shops. Independent firearm dealers are on the front lines of the war to preserve and protect your right to keep and bear arms. Small shop owners are true believers in the Second Amendment and will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in preserving your rights.

Happy shopping!