(Received: 01/06/2016, Posted: 01/06/2016)



Well folks, it's election year again and, like clockwork, another phony-baloney group claiming to be an "alternative to the NRA" has popped into the limelight. This time around, shills for the Obama/Clinton gun-grab scheme are calling themselves the "American Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership (ACRGO)." The group claims to represent a "majority" of gun owners - 65 million to be exact - who hold "moderate" positions on firearm public policy. The ACRGO supposedly has among its ranks former NRA members who have become disenchanted with the NRA's "extreme" positions on so-called "gun safety" issues.

Like previous "NRA-alternative" groups, the ACRGO is apparently a one-man show backed up by little more than a web site and several social media pages. The front man for the group is a cartoon-character of a guy who goes by the name, "Mark Carman." Carman is supposedly an ex-cop turned small-time hip-hop record producer. Hailing from Norfolk, VA, Carman has an apparent fondness for cheap suits, ugly ties and barbeque ribs.

The jowly Carman's primary means of communication is as bizarre as his attire. Employing a very affected Tidewater accent, Carman regularly broadcasts gun control soliloquies across the Internet and social media. Carman's videos are very reminiscent of those produced by the late televangelist Dr. Gene Scott - complete with unsettling facial close-ups and wild-eyed staring matches with the camera. All in all, Carman paints a very creepy caricature of the "moderate" gun owners he's supposed to represent.

Despite his outlandish persona, Carman apparently has friends in high places. Attending the ACRGO kick-off press conference last year was none other than Sen. Chuck "Beat Guns into Submission" Schumer. Just recently, Carman received his second invitation to the White House to talk gun control with Obama and high administration officials. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, a trail of support for ACRGO leads straight back to George Soros' "Move-On" organization. If you will recall, Move-On scolded the nation to dismiss Bill Clinton's pervy-proclivities and "move-on" to more important issues.

The bottom line is this - if Mark Carman exists at all, he in no way represents the average American firearm owner. Carman's claims notwithstanding, American gun owners do not support intrusive background checks; they do not support broadening the list of "prohibited persons"; they do not support bans on certain firearms; and they certainly don't support Obama.

So, if you come across one of Carman's wild rants while on-line, just ignore it and remember who it is that really represents your interests - the ISRA.

11:59 AM 1/18/2016