(Received: 04/12/2016, Posted: 04/13/2016)


URGENT! Call NOW to Oppose HB3160!

Call Your Illinois House Representative today!

Anti-Second Amendment legislators have advanced HB3160 Lethal Violence Order of Protection, out of committee. This bill can be brought up for a vote at any time.

What if you have a dispute with one of your own family or your in laws who are anti-gun? One call to the authorities and you are stripped of your Second Amendment rights and your firearms without a hearing. You will be put in the position of having to prove your innocence and eligibility. In many cases, it could be many months and cost you thousands of dollars before your property is returned and your rights restored.

This is another broadly written bill that could violate your constitutional rights simply because you own or decide to purchase a firearm and someone related to you by marriage or lives in your residence decides that must make you a dangerous person, a threat to yourself or others!

Illinois currently has some of the strongest domestic violence order of protection laws in the nation. The matters addressed by this bill, including suicide prevention, should be dealt with in the mental health community, not the criminal justice system.

Call your State Representative and urge him/her to oppose this bill when it comes up for a vote. Click here to find your legislator and phone number.

HB3160 must be stopped NOW.
URGENT! Call NOW to Oppose HB3160!