(Received: 05/27/2016, Posted: 05/27/2016)


Anti-NRA movie screening tonight in Peoria

Tonight the Peoria NAACP will be showing a very slanted film posed as a "documentary", about the NRA and how its only motive is profit for the NRA principals and that firearms manufacturers "own" the NRA.

The screening is at 5:30pm at Peoria Public Library North Branch, 3001 W. Grand Parkway and is called "Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and the NRA."

From the press release in the Peoria Blotter:

"A moderated discussion following the film will allow time for questions. Panel members answering questions will be Bartonville Police Chief Brian Fengel; NAACP Peoria Chapter President Don Jackson; County Board Member Sharon Williams; former Peoria Police Detective and Private Investigator Marcella Teplitz."

Please attend and stand up for your rights, please be prepared to deliver a polite and succinct comment. Having gun owners from Peoria attend and stand their ground is especially important.

Your fellow ISRA members need you to show up and be heard!


Based on prior viewings of this film, the following are suggested talking points. Use any of them or use your town, as long as it really represents how you feel.

Regarding the NRA as the tool of firearms manufacturers:

  • The NRA is a collective bargaining unit, a union, representing the nation's gun owners.
  • A significant percentage of gun owners are willing to lay it on the line and claim NRA membership.
  • The NRA has protected the rights of Americans to own firearms in the face of an organized effort to curtail such gun ownership.
  • Principals in firearms manufacturing firms are gun owners and have rights, too.

State licensing of dealers:

  • Gun dealers already have federal licensing,
  • state licensing would be a duplication of effort in a state that can't pass a budget.

Chicago & recovered "crime guns":

  • All guns start as legal sales, or the ATF would have closed the gun shops.
  • All guns come from outside Chicago. All of them.
  • There have been no gun stores in the city for 50 years.
  • The number of guns recovered in crime scenes from the suburban dealers.
  • is but a small fraction of the number of guns legally sold to Chicago residents.
  • The lawsuit against the three suburbs, as mentioned in the movie, was dismissed.

Waiting periods:

  • It takes 30+ days in Illinois to receive the FOID card needed to buy a first firearm.
  • No other waiting periods are needed, and serve no purpose other than to harrass the law-abiding gun owner,
    by making them wait further, after they have cleared yet another background check.
  • The Illinois resdient must make multiple trips to the seller to satisfy the waiting period.
  • All legal purchases in Illinois include background checks, which are done instantly.
  • There is no "loophole."

Mass Shootings:

  • All mass shootings take place in gun-free zones.
  • eg, The Aurora CO shooting mentioned in the movie took place in a theater that was a gun-free zone.
  • The homicidal maniac that did the shooting went out of his way to that cinema-because it was a gun free zone.
  • There were closer locations that were also showing that Batman premiere, which he skipped becuase CCW holders were allowed.

"Gun Violence:"

  • The term is invented to gloss over the drug crime, the gang violence, the "life is disposable" attitude that reigns in places like Chicago and Peoria.
  • People use the term "Gun Violence" so that they don't have to recognize that gang wars, and the drug trade are the real causes of death and injury where they live.
  • It's too easy to just blame "Gun Violence" instead of having to focus on the real issues.

America as a whole is very well armed and very peaceful.

Compare anyone's numbers for "gun violence" against the fact that there are over 300 million firearms in this country, with guns in half of all households in the USA.

If there really was "gun violence," we'd all be in real trouble.