(Received: 05/27/2016, Posted: 05/27/2016)


SB 206 ALERT May 27, 2016

SB 206 will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Sunday afternoon, May 29, 2016. SB 206 will become a suppressor bill after it is amended. Please file a witness slip supporting SB 206.

Directions on how to file a witness slip are included below:


  • Fill out the self-explanatory material, first and last name in the name field, street address, city, state and zip code.

  • Under "Firm Business Or Agency" type in "On behalf of self"

  • Just a note here - please do not misrepresent yourself. If you are not designated and authorized to represent a group in an official capacity, please do not say that you do. Just because you are a member of the National Rifle Association doesn't mean that you represent the NRA. Just because you are a gun owner doesn't mean that you represent all gun owners.

  • For "Title" type two characters - "NA", don't use a slash in the title field because the slash is not an accepted character for this field and the form won't accept a slash. You won't be able to submit the Witness Slip with a slash in this field.

  • Type out email address in the email field so you can get a confirmation that witness slip was submitted and double check that it was filled out correctly.

  • Put phone number in the phone field.

In Section II. "REPRESENTATION" type in "Self"

  • Again, unless you are a lobbyist or representing a group in an official capacity - just type in "Self".

In Section III. "POSITION" choose Opponent (when we are opposing oppressive anti-Second Amendment legislation.

  • When we are supporting a bill we would choose Proponent). Make sure you actually click inside the round radio button and it gets highlighted. Simply clicking on the text portion of the form will not work, you need to click INSIDE the radio button. Its important to make sure that the correct choice is selected and highlighted here, and that this section is filled out correctly.

  • Be sure to use the scroll bar to move up and down on the screen - using the arrow keys can change your vote of "Opponent" or "Proponent".

Under Section IV. "Testimony (Check all that apply)

  • only click in the check box "Record of Appearance Only"

  • Then check the box "I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement."

  • In the box that says "Type in the text above" type in the letters and numbers that are visible.

  • Click the button that says "Create (Slip) and the Witness Slip is created and submitted.

  • By registering an account, all the basic info is pre-filled. We suggest registering an account but some folks choose not to.

  • How to modify your witness slip if you accidentally mark "proponent" or "opponent" wrong:

Modifying your Witness Slip:

  • Log in
  • On the left side,
  • Click on "MyILGA", then
  • Click on "Manage Slips" and find the slip you would like to modify on the right, then Click on the "View" icon, then
  • Scroll down to "III. POSITION" and modify your position accordingly, then Click on the "Update (Slip)" icon, located on the lower right.

To simplify the witness slip process:

  1. Go to http://my.ilga.gov/ and register/create an account.

  2. Confirm Email

  3. Log in if not logged inautomatically

  4. Go to your profile: http://my.ilga.gov/Profile

    Edit your profile - put NA for organization, and title. For "Firm/Business or Agency:" put "On behalf of self" For "Representation:" put "Self"

  5. You can now create witness slips quickly and easily.

  6. It also helps if you create a separate mail folder / mail box to organize the confirmation that you get from ILGA - that way if you are ever in doubt if you have already filed a witness slip on a bill or not, you can just pull up the confirmation e-mails and check them against Alert emails you receive.