(Received: 05/30/2016, Posted: 05/31/2016)


ISRA Legislative alert
Update on HB 1016 and SB 206

Thank you for your continued support during this holiday weekend. Here is status on the two bills of most importance:

SB 206
SB 206 came out of the House Judiciary Criminal Committee hearing today on a favorable vote of 8 to 5 on House Amendment #2. Expect to see decisive movement tomorrow, possibly leading to a floor vote.

Thank you all for those last minute witness slips, which tallied 505 to 5 on this amendment.

If you recall HB 1016 with Amendment #6 was voted down on Friday.

It was expected to be called for a vote again yesterday, but that did not happen, nor was there any official action taken today.

However the anti-gunners, the ARS, the Bloomberg Moms and others continue to try to pick up votes for this thinly veiled attempt at curtailing your Second Amendment rights.

It is expected that it will be in committee tomorrow with a future House Floor Amendment #7. From there the bill sponsor will try to maneuver it further.

Please remain ready for additional movement on these two bills, with requests for calls and/or witness slips.