(Received: 05/31/2016, Posted: 05/31/2016)


ISRA Legislative alert
New Amendment filed for HB 1016 - House Amendment 7

Today brings a new House Floor Amendment #7 for HB1016


HB 1016 with Amendment #6 was voted down on Friday.

It was expected to be called for a vote again over the Memorial Day holiday, but that did not happen. This new amendment 7 is substantially similar to amendment 6, and is still an attempt to close gun shops in Illinois. The lobbyists for the anti-gunners continue to try to drum up support for this bill in the waning hours of this legislative session.


The new amendment is not scheduled for any committee hearing and may come out from Rules Committee directly to the floor, therefore you are requested to please call your Illinois State Representative now and urge that they do not support this bill HB1016, and do not support House Floor Amendment 7 to the bill.

If you do not know who your Illinois State Legislators are, please use the website of the Illinois State Board of Elections and access their lookup app for elected officials based on your street address and/or 9 digit zip code.

Thank you for giving this alert your prompt attention