(Received: 10/11/2016, Posted: 10/12/2016)


ISRA-PVF and ISRA FEDPAC release their combined
2016 Sportsman's Election Guide for ISRA members

Dear ISRA Member:

Today the ISRA PACs for state and federal elections released their combined 2016 Sportsman's Election Guide to ISRA Members.

The guide indicates which candidates are most closely aligned with Illinois firearm owners on important issues.

"Endorsed" candidates have a sustained legislative record of support for the right to keep and bear arms. "Preferred" candidates are either new candidates, or candidates who have a legislative record that is generally supportive of gun rights. In cases where "No Preference" is indicated, the directors have determined that both candidates are equally good, equally bad, or not enough is know about the candidate's position on gun rights to make a determination.

Take note that not all Illinois Senate seats are up for election in 2016. If you do not see your State Senator's seat listed on the table, then he or she is not up for election in 2016.

If you are not sure of which legislative and congressional district you are in, you can verify this by visiting the Illinois State Board of Elections, and using their lookup desktop and mobile apps, here.

This election is the most crucial in our lifetime, at stake is the future of the 2nd Amendment and its recent treatment by the highest court in the land. At stake are the federal judicial and Supreme Court nominations that can made by the president.

If you elect the wrong president, you get the wrong judges as a consequence.

Hillary Clinton has vowed to appoint judges to the Supreme Court of the United States that would overturn our hard-fought victories such as DC v Heller and McDonald v Chicago. Go to the polls and make the right choice, the only choice, which is Donald Trump for President of the United States, as endorsed by the ISRA FEDPAC.

Download your copy of the 2016 Sportsman's Election Guide here.