(Received: 12/23/2016, Posted: 12/24/2016)


IGOLD - April 5, 2017
Thousands of Second Amendment Supporters Will March on the Capitol in Springfield, IL!

Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day
Wed. April 5, 2017
Prairie Capital Convention Center
Springfield, IL

Mark this important date on your calendar.
If you need to reserve a vacation day before the end of the year -

Because several pro-Second Amendment legislators lost in the recent statewide election, we will have an uphill battle when the General Assembly returns to Springfield for the new session in 2017. Anti-rights legislators will be more determined than ever to disarm law-abiding citizens.

We know disarming innocent people does not make us safer. We know gun free zones are killing zones. It is important we lobby our legislators and Gov. Rauner. It is important that we voice our opposition to any further restrictions on our Second Amendment rights. It's important that we voice our support for:

  • Less restriction on where we can carry, so we can better protect ourselves and our loved ones.

  • Reducing the cost of concealed carry licenses, which is too high for many to afford.

  • Reciprocity with other states in order to protect ourselves when we travel in those states.

Even if you have already received your carry license,
this is NOT the time to sit back and become lax!

Those who have taken the training and gone through the licensing process are crucial to the fight and we need you to stand with us and be heard at IGOLD!

Save the date! Be there!