What is a Jackrabbit Shoot

A Jackrabbit Shoot is a fifty-target trapshooting event.
It may be an individual event, or part of a league where multiple events are shot.

  • First you shoot a normal twenty-five target trap round from the sixteen yard line.
  • Then you shoot a second twenty-five target trap round from a determined handicap yardage.

Your second round will be shot anywhere from the twenty-yard line (lowest yardage) to the twenty-five yard line (maximum yardage), based on your score in the first round.

This means if you shoot a twenty-three (out of twenty-five targets) in the first round, you will be squadded to shoot from the twenty-three yard line for your second round.

The scores from the two rounds are added together yeilding your total event score.

Depending on the event, there may (and usually are) prizes and lewis classifications

Do not expect high scores if this event is shot in the Winter Season.
(Chicago winters can be very brutal on both the shooter and the equipment).

Winter Jackrabbit Shoot Results