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    The McHenry Sportsmen's Club provides personnel to oversee the rounds of Trapshooting carried out at our club, and as do members, must understand and agree with the club's Terms and Conditions.

    These people are part time employees of the club and are normally teenagers.
    Most are the sons and daughters of members of the club.
    All under the age of 18 must have parental consent to work at the club.
    These people are referred to as "Trap Help", "Trap Personnel" and sometimes "Trap Kids".
    There are times where club members will act as trap help.

    All trap help (and members when acting in this role) report to the club's Operations manager, who reports to the President and the Treasurer.

    Members who act in this role are not paid.
    They normally do this when the club is short-handed or just want to help.
    These members are doing this to help the club and deserve respect and appreciation.

    Functions of Trap Help:

    The main function of trap help is to take a squad of trapshooters to a designated trap field and oversee the execution of the round.

    They maintain control of the execution of the squad in the following way:

    At the start of each round:

    1. Where shooters are initially stationed on the field.
    2. Whether or not the voice release system will be operational.
    3. Initiation of the round on the command of the squad leader.
    4. Ear protection MUST be worn at all times.
      If the release system is off, the ear protection MUST STAY ON.
      If you cannot hear the shooters call for their targets, politely inform the shooters to call louder.

    During the round:

    1. If the release system is OFF: listen for shooter to call for target and press the manual release button.
    2. If the release system is ON: make sure targets fire when shooters call for them.
      (If targets are not automatically released, push the manual release button).
    3. Provide analysis of whether or not targets were actually hit by the shooters.
    4. Calling out when targets are deemed to be missed loud enough to be heard by the shooters.
      Remember, they are also wearing ear protection.
    5. Scoring each shot fired by each shooter on the scoresheet.
    6. Adherence to safety regulations and enforcing these regulations at all times.
    7. Stopping the squad when it is time to change shooting positions.
    8. Calling out scores between shooting positions.
    9. Stopping the squad if anything does not appear to be operating in a normal way.

    At the end of a round:

    1. Turn off the target release system.
    2. Inform each shooter of his or her score.
    3. Know the status of the target machine.
    4. Arrange to have the machine loaded if required.
    5. Inform the Operations Manager that the squad has completed and are available for another.
    6. Time permitting, collect empty hulls from the field.

    The next squad is your number one objective.

    When there are no squads to be taken out:
    Consult with the Operations Manager for other work that may be performed.

    You may be assigned tasks such as:

    • Helping other personnel running the club.
    • Cleanup activities.
    • Helping the Operations Manager.
    • You may be given permission to shoot (if you are a shooter).
    • You may be told just to wait for the next squad.
    When you are told to wait for the next squad:
    • Stay close to the Operations Manager.
    • You may read a book, do homework, eat and watch the club's TV.


    1. You are an employee and a representive of the club.
    2. If you are in school, you must maintain a high scolastic GPA.
      (Your GPA and other related issues are between you and the Operations Manager.)
    3. Your parents must feel this job is not interfering with your personal advancement.
    4. You must show respect for all members of the club.
    5. You will be polite.
    6. Avoid confrontation with anyone.
      (This includes members, guests, other employees or any other people at the club).
    7. If you are in doubt about anything, stop what you are doing and seek assistance.
    8. If you feel you are being abused in any way, do not get confrontational.
      Get away from the situation and seek assistance
    9. If you feel anything is out of line, report it immediately to the Operations Manager or a club officer immediately.
    10. again... this is a Gun Club, YOU MAY NOT "GOOF AROUND" anytime.

    Trap help being allowed to shoot:

    Most of out trap help consists of teenagers.
    We as a club try to encourage young people to shoot if they have an intrest to do so.
    This is an investment in the future of Trapshooting and is very important for all of us.

    1. The shooting will be under the same regulations as a member and must advere to all firearm laws.
    2. If you are under 18 years of age, you must also have parental permission.
    3. You must demonstrate your ability to shoot and do it safely.
    4. If you are a new shooter (or wish to learn), you must work with a qualified club member.
    5. You may be given permission to shoot only by the Operations Manager.


    • Trap Help employees report to the Operations Manager.
    • The Operations Manager reports to the Club's President and the Treasurer.
    • All positions are part time.
    • You must be 16 years or older to work at our club and be able to provide proof of your age.
    • If you are under 18 years old, you parents must approve of your employment.
    • You must work a minimum of three events "in training" to be considered an employee.
    • If you are in High School:
      You must maintain a B or better grade average.
      Your school and your parents must agree to your employment.
    • The Operations manager will provide you with an application that must be filled out by you.
      All information, including your Social Security Number must be provided.
    • Scheduling is afforded by the Operations Manager and is posted on this website.
    • You will be compensated in cash on the day(s) you work after your work has been completed.
    • You will be paid an hourly wage rounded up to the nearest 10 minutes of time worked.
    • If you are scheduled to work a particular event and the club is not able to allow you to work, you will receive two hours pay.
    • Your hourly rate of pay is EXCLUSIVE of all deductions required to satisfy taxing bodies.
      (Your rate of pay is what you take home "clear" of all deductions, this is actually considered NET pay).
      This means you actually make more money than what is paid to you.
      1. All taxes except State and Federal Income Tax are calculated in your actual GROSS pay and are reported as such.
      2. State and Federal taxes are NOT WITHELD due to the minimum taxable income posted on their respective tax tables.
      3. All income earned at the McHenry Sportsmen's Club is reported to all required taxing bodies on a quarterly bases as required by law.

    • This means you will receive a W2 at the end of the year,
      and it becomes your responsibility to file this form as required by local, state and federal laws.

      If this is your only source of income: You will never have to pay in any taxes and you will not receive a refund from taxes related to this job.
      If you have other income: You must be prepared for the possibility of having to pay additional taxes to the various taxing bodies as perscribed by law.

    Please be advised that these policies will be changed as deemed necessary.