Hangover Shoot... What is it?

The New Year's Hangover Shoot: is an organized Trapshooting Event:

On New Year's Day, the McHenry Sportsmen's Club will host its annual HANGOVER Shoot.

It is so named because of old traditions, being the day after New Year's Eve.

You show up at the club nice and early (around 9:00 AM).

(You DO NOT have to be a member for this event.)

You bring a dish to pass along with your shotgun (shells would also be nice).

You shoot a  JACKRABBIT   format event and you may even win something.

Shoot practice rounds if you like.

You will definitely have fun.

Even if you do not win, (or even shoot), you will get to eat and still have a lot of fun.

In prior hangover Shoots, the shooting and the food was exceptional...
Hopefully it will be the same this year.