Our Club: What We Are and How to Find Us

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Club hours of operation:

The club is open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM.
Summer Special: Friday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM.
The club is closed on Christmas and Easter Sunday.
The club will close earlier in the event of darkness.

Phone: (815) 385-9896 (normally only answered when the club is open).

The club operates in a residential area, there are no exceptions to these hours.

What we are:

We are a group of guys and gals that really enjoy Trapshooting.

Our club has five regulation trap fields equipped with Pat Traps and voice release.
The club offers singles, handicap, doubles, wobble and straight-away target presentations.

We try our best to keep our equipment operating the best we can.
If something goes wrong, it usually gets fixed quickly.

We have beautiful grounds suitable for picnics.
Our clubhouse is small, but serves its purpose well.

The McHenry Sportsmen's Club is a "shooters club".
We are there to shoot, and many of our members are getting quite good at it.

We welcome new shooters, and are willing to help them along.

We offer discounted youth shooting passes to the Sons and Daughters of members (18 years or younger).

We offer programs for small or large groups.
We offer ATA Registered Shoots.
We enjoy leagues and participate in the annual Winter Jackrabbit Shoot with other clubs.
We have a club championship, a family picnic and a fall Turkey Shoot.
We have other events, (as members think them up).

We shoot a lot of singles, doubles, handicap and "WOBBLE" trap.
Our Wobble field is very challenging and a lot of fun to shoot on.
We even shoot Wobble doubles on this field, which is even more challenging.

Where the club is located:

The club is located in Johnsburg, Illinois (about 50 miles Northwest of Chicago).

We are north of Illinois ROUTE 120 and east of CHAPEL HILL Road.

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How to get there:

You need to get to the intersection of Illionos ROUTE 120 and CHAPEL HILL Road.
On that intersection, you will see a Shell station and a "cute" candy store.

If you are coming from I-94 (Tri-State Tollway), exit WEST on Illinois ROUTE 120.
This will put you some distance EAST of Illinois ROUTE 12 and you will need to get there.
Due to heavy traffic, it could actually take you about 45 minutes to get from the I-94 exit to the club.

Warning: There are speed traps along ROUTE 120, so try to obey the posted limits.

If you are EAST of CHAPEL HILL Road.
(CHAPEL HILL Road is several miles WEST of Route 12):

  • go WEST on ROUTE 120 until you come to CHAPEL HILL Road.
    If you get to the Fox River (town of McHenry), you are too far.
  • turn RIGHT on CHAPEL HILL Road

If you are WEST of CHAPEL HILL Road.
(CHAPEL HILL Road is a couple of miles EAST of the Fox River and the town of McHenry):
  • go EAST on ROUTE 120 until you come to CHAPEL HILL Road.
  • turn LEFT on CHAPEL HILL Road

Once you are on CHAPEL HILL Road:
  • go NORTH until you get to BAY Road.
  • Turn RIGHT on BAY Road (about 2 1/4 miles).
    If you get to the river, you are too far.
  • go "EAST" on BAY Road until you get to WEINGART Road (about 1/2 mile).
    (Weingart is the first "real street" you can turn left on).
  • Turn LEFT on WEINGART Road
  • continue on WEINGART Road until you get to ROLLING Lane (about 1/3 mile).
  • Turn RIGHT on ROLLING Lane
  • The club enterance is LEFT after the first house.

If you get lost: (815) 385-9896.