The following rules must be known and obeyed while at our club:
(Revised: December 18, 2007)

Clubhouse and Facilities

  1. The clubhouse may be used only when the club is in operation or being maintained.
  2. Use of the clubhouse for any other purpose must be authorized in advance.
  3. Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse.
  4. No loaded firearms are permitted in the clubhouse.
  5. Yelling, horseplay, fighting or any other like activity is prohibited at our club.
  6. Club property must not be removed from the grounds.
  7. The "burn pit" may only be used to burn empty cardboard boxes and only on weekends as per village regulations.
  8. The operations manager is in charge and must be obeyed.
  9. No alcoholic beverages are permitted during club hours or while any shooting is in progress.

Responsible Adult (Range Officer)

  1. A Responsible Adult (Range Officer) must be present at all times for the club to remain open.
  2. The Operations Manager assumes this role and/or may delegate additional personnel as required.
  3. In the absence of the Operations Manager, someone must be appointed to this role.
  4. To be qualified, you must be able and willing to act as a range officer.
  5. The Responsible Adult must be legally present and known to all trap personnel who are working.
  6. Trap personnel perform the logistics and tasks (the work) of running the club.
  7. The Responsible Adult must be there to insure a smooth operation.
  8. Any board member or other qualified member may function as the Responsible Adult.
  9. This is a temporary assignment.   Someone normally volunteers to help.
  10. Teenage trap personnel may (and normally does) assist, but cannot be legally considered for this role due to age.
  11. Shooting activities MAY NOT OCCUR without a Responsible Adult present.
  12. The club MUST REMAIN CLOSED until the role is filled.
  13. Trap personnel will start the shutdown procedure if the role cannot be filled.


Shooting is a lot of fun, but you must remember your gun is real; it shoots real loads and can cause serious injury or death to yourself or someone else if you are not careful.

Remember... Firearm Safety depends on you.

  1. You must follow all firearm safety rules.
  2.   Click on this link to learn more.
  3. Shooting may only occur while the club is in open.
  4. The only firearms that may be used are shotguns.
  5. Your gun's action must be open at all times except when it is your turn and you are ready to fire a shot.
  6. Regardless of our posted hours, shooting may be stopped due to circumstances such as weather or darkness.
  7. You must sign up to shoot (or make arrangements with the operations manager).
  8. You must wear proper and safe clothing while shooting.
  9. Eye and Ear protection must be worn when around any shooting activity.
  10. Only approved ammunition may be discharged at this facility.
    (see: ammunition discussion in next section).
  11. You cannot have any shell(s) in your gun unless it is your turn to shoot.
  12. You may only have one shell in your gun at any time (unless the event specifically requires two).
  13. Unused ammunition cannot stay in your gun after your turn.   Your gun must be unloaded between turns.
  14. Your gun must always be pointed downrange while loaded.
  15. When your event is over, leave the trap field as quickly as possible.
  16. Voice release systems are used.  Do not talk while shooting.
  17. If it is necessary to talk, ask the puller to turn off the voice release system and pull targets manually.
  18. You do not have to be a good shooter, but you have to know how to shoot.   If you are in doubt, ask for help.
  19. If your gun jams, make sure you are able to rectify the problem.   If you are not, seek assistance.
  20. While at the club, we are all responsible for safety.
    If you see something that is wrong, either request the activity to be stopped or report it.
  21. When in doubt about any safety issue... stop the event and make your concern known.
  22. If you are doing something wrong and someone brings it to your attention, do not take it wrong.
    Thank the person for bringing it to your attention.
  23. The patterning board is for "patterning" your shotgun.
    All club and safety rules also pertain to its use.
    The patterning board is NOT for target practice or any other such activity.


  • Shotgun Shells are the only ammunition that may be discharged at this facility.
  • Shells must only contain birdshot no larger than #7 1/2.
    (Remember: the smaller the number the larger the shot).
    Normal sizes are from #7 1/2 (large) to #9 (small).
  • Maximum shot payload charge cannot exceed 1 1/8 ounces.
  • Shells may not exceed 1350 FPS (1 ounce) and 1250 (1 1/8 ounce).
  • Some shells are rated in DRAM Equivalent. This can be confusing.
    This is an old shotshell specification and must be properly understood if used.
    Make sure the shell falls into the specifications required for our facility.
    (click on this link for more information about DRAM Equivalents)
  • No slugs, sabots, tracers or any other ammunition of this type may be discharged at our club.
  • Other specialty shells may be used where appropriate only under the control of the club's management.
  • Please, you are shooting at a clay target trapshooting facility.
    It does not take a large shell to break this type of target.
    If you are interested in testing or shooting your hunting loads, please locate a range suitable for this purpose.
    This website's home page contains links to many shooting facilities that can accommodate this requirement.

Proper shell characteristics are very important to the safety of our facility.

The club's management reserves the right to inspect shells to insure they are compliant with the rules stated above.  

This inspection may include shooting your shell(s) over a chronograph or actually cutting a shell open to analyze its components.

This document is a "work in progress" and may be updated as needed.